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Am I a Candidate for Lumineers?

Am I a Candidate for LumineersPorcelain veneers came onto the dental scene less than 30 years ago, and they have already made quite a name for themselves. Lumineers are the latest type of porcelain veneers to garner attention, and with good reason. They are extremely thin and can be placed onto your natural teeth with little to no prior tooth removal. The procedure to place veneers is minimally invasive and requires only two dental visits. Most people probably hope the answer to “am I a candidate for Lumineers?” is yes. Before jumping to conclusions though, keep reading.

Am I a Candidate for Lumineers?

If you are in good oral and physical health and suffer from any of the following dental maladies, you probably qualify for Lumineers. Some of the common dental problems Lumineers fix are:

•    Stained or discolored teeth
Surface level stains on teeth resulting from food, drink, or tobacco use all benefit from Lumineers.

•    Uneven, short, or misshapen teeth
Maybe some of your teeth twist inward too much, or perhaps they could even use a little extra height. Veneers can help fix both of these problems.

•    Gapped teeth
Unless you want to mimic the looks of Madonna or Georgia Jagger, you may not like the sight of large gaps or spaces between your teeth. Lumineers can fill in these spaces without even moving your own natural teeth.

•    Chipped teeth
Accidents happen, and teeth get chipped, whether sports or something else is to blame. Lumineers can even out your teeth and hide the appearance of chips.

There is no need to be self-conscious about cosmetic imperfections with your teeth. If your answer to “Am I a candidate for Lumineers?” is yes, find a Lumineers provider near you. Do not hesitate in booking your appointment, as a Hollywood smile could be just two dental visits away!


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