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Lumineers Before and After Pictures

Transform your smile instantly to the smile of your dreams! Lumineers can offer you the most transformational procedure in cosmetic dentistry to cover your cracked, chipped, worn, or imperfect teeth.  Staining and discoloration are also common problems, and another reason why Lumineers are often employed.  Lumineers can offer lifelong solutions for flawed smiles. Check out these Lumineers before and after pictures to see for yourself.


For stained and blemished teeth, tooth bleaching often does not last, but Lumineers provides the patient with a long lasting white smile, no matter what they consume.  Lumineers correct a lot of artificial discoloration including damages that have been caused by time, or stain-inducing substances such as coffee, tea, red wine, or even tetracycline.  Lumineers are the perfect solution for those who have hidden their stained teeth for too long. Look at these Lumineers before and after pictures to see how Lumineers can transform smiles.


You can easily transform your chipped and crooked teeth into a beautiful smile, and a beautiful you. Bonding may offer a temporary fix, but it is not the most reliable way to guarantee an attractive smile permanently.  Crooked teeth can occur for a variety of reasons, but Lumineers can proffer a solution.  Lumineers can provide a painless, easy way to fix cracked and crooked teeth for good. Take a look at these Lumineers before and after pictures to see how smiles can change with the help of Lumineers.


Gaps between the teeth can be embarrassing and prevent you from smiling.  Lumineers are a fast, non-invasive technique that dentists have been using for years to correct these problems and give their patients the smile they have always wanted. In just two short visits, a certified Lumineers dentist can apply these ultra-thin veneers to imperfect teeth, while keeping original teeth intact. Take a look at these Lumineers before and after pictures to see how Lumineers can enhance smiles.


Blemished and misshapen teeth can really detract from a smile.  Dr. Poneh Ghasri, Los Angeles Lumineers specialist, highly recommends Lumineers to patients that want to restore their smile and gain more confidence.

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Lumineers Before and After